Change and installation of coverings

     Lymsa's covering department is specialized in installing decks in any kind of industrial, agricultural or commercial building, as well as the replacement of old tires and maintenance and repair of those which still have time ahead. We install, repair and replace roofs and translucent panels in industrial buildings. We will help you choose the materials according to your needs; enjoy a quick after-sales service. Ask for advice from our professionals. 

Cubiertas en naves industriales Lymsa

      The life of a warehouse can be extended much with a small financial investment, only changing the covers, a very practical solution. With a quick and easy installation, the progress of the new materials allows greater acoustic and therman insulation, and give the space an inspiring natural light with the translucent panels. 

     All types of enclosures and covers can be combined with translucent plates for more natural light. Lymsa replace damaged plates and skylights with new materials that resist much better over time and do not yellow as old, as well as extending much better light, getting a feeling of greater spaciousness and cleanliness.

      By changing the old deck you can even increase the productivity of your company because the isulation and lighting are optimized, so energy expenditure is reduced and significantly improve working conditions. Also, the quality of new waterproofing systems reduces costs and problems like damages in the electrical installation.

     There are different kind of covers available. The single sheet metal covers are placed in cattle or agricultural warehouses, marquees, but also in certain industrial buildings. It no offers greater isolation but provides the most economical option and its installation is really quick.

    Sandwich covers are composed by a double metal sheet, between which an insulating layer that may be various thicknesses and materials, such fiberglass, rockwool or polyurethane. Sandwich cover can be combined with translucent panels, that increase the quantity and quality of light inside. It is very versatile because it allows to play with the thickness to get more or less acoustic and thermal insulation, depending on the use.

   The 'deck' covering offers the highest quality waterproofing and sealing, therefore it is the most commonly used in commercial and superstores centers and logistics platforms. Made of steel sheets and insulated with different thicknesses, they are fitted with a highly resistant and waterproof mesh, ideal for insulating electrical cables or air-conditioning installations. Those covers also allow the installation of translucent panels and skylight, and offer very good thermal insulation. 

Cubiertas en naves industriales Lymsa

In Lymsa you will receive advice from a highly qualified and experienced technical team. Contact us here and we will be at your service.