The future engineers visit Lymsa

07/11/2016 / Marketing department

The future civil engineers of EPSA, the Polytechnic School of Alicante, have seen first hand the work we do here in LYMSA. 

The students, who visited us the last two Fridays, were received at Inurban, wich belongs, as Lymsa, to Tenepa Group, where they learned the ins and outs of the profession in a presentation by some of our technicians, in addition to the manager and the quality manager of Lymsa Metal Constructions. 

After the encouraging words of the president, Francisco Muñoz, who encouraged them to continue training and working with enthusiasm adn commitment, and after enjoying a small breakfast to recharge, the students met the technical office and the workshop of Lymsa, discovering in situ the production process of the metallic structures. 

We take this opportunity to congratulate the Polythecnic University EPSA four their interest in the knowledge of their students and to promote such visits. 

Here you can see a video summary of the visit.